What Do You Do If You Decide To Surrender Your Child Under The Safe Haven Law?

If you are a mother of a newborn who has decided to make this decision, below is a checklist.

This checklist does not include emotional preparation or reaching out to available resources prior to making this decision. It is meant to provide a specific list for using Tennessee's Safe Haven Law.

1. ​Baby is within 14 days of birth.

2. Choose a Safe Haven Facility.

3. Go to the Safe Haven Facility to surrender.

4. Speak to a safe member at the Safe Haven Facility and tell them that you want to surrender your newborn under the Safe Haven Law.

The decision to relinquish custody of a child can be difficult. In order to better understand the process or to discuss this decision with another person, contact the 24/7 confidential Safe Haven Hotline at 1-866-699-SAFE.