Our Student Ambassadors Accomplish This Through:

  • Sharing on various social media outlets
  • Organizing awareness and fundraising events
  • Wearing and distributing SSPTN apparel and merchandise


- Currently in 9-12 grade

- Parent/Guardian permission is required

- Active social media accounts (i.e. Instagram, TikTok, etc.)

- Passionate about SSPTN mission


- Two workshop meetings per semester (two evenings)

- Set and implement fundraising goal (personal or group)

- Share SSPTN post on your story at least two times per month

- Post on Instagram and TikTok at least once per month (in SSPTN apparel) 


- Learn community service leadership skills

- Receive recommendation letter for your resume and/or college application

- Experience working with a non-profit board of directors

- Gain useful life experience as an advocate

- Will receive service hour credits

We would love to have you on our student ambassador team.

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