Executive Committee

Shawna McConnell


"We do life-saving work. We work hard to save the lives of unplanned newborns, while also saving their mothers from a life-devastating choice. Our mission is always relevant and is never finished."

Lisa Yount


“Every baby is a precious gift from above and deserves a chance at life.

As an adoptive parent myself, it has been an absolute and true blessing to receive the ultimate gift of a precious infant.

Newborns are the most vulnerable and defenseless among us and require our voices for their protection. I have made it my personal goal to help protect them and end infant abandonment by helping A Secret Safe Place for Newborns educate the state about the Safe Haven Law. It is truly a rewarding and humbling experience to be a part of something so life changing and making a difference for so many.

I pray our society will always have compassion for unplanned newborns and their desperate, scared mothers because each deserves a chance at life.”

Lyn Eagen


"Every mother who chooses a safe haven for her baby is a hero. Every baby who is given a chance to survive is precious. Working to help facilitate a safe surrender is life changing, for all involved."

Jennifer Campbell


“It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this blessed organization. The mission is real, it matters, and it makes a vital difference in this self-serving world.”

"Being a voice for those who don’t have one, is the least we can do." -Matthew 25:40

Rebekah Damron


“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve alongside many talented, dedicated people to raise awareness of the Safe Haven Law and help end newborn abandonment across the state of Tennessee.  This organization’s mission and educational efforts are so important to ensure the protection of newborn infants in every community in the state.”

Jeff McCall


“I am proud to have a small role in an organization that’s mission is enormous. Who knows the impact of just one child being safely surrendered and having the opportunity of life.”

Becky Brady


“I love being able to be a part of such an important organization and to work with so many amazing and passionate people. We have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of families, mothers, and babies across the state of TN.”

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are committed to helping A Secret Safe Place for Newborns of Tennessee meet its mission to protect the most defenseless among us, newborn infants, by educating and informing women and communities of safe, secret options under the Safe Haven Law. Our board is active in many different areas of our organization by each member serving in one or more of our committees.

  • Patty Adham

    Kyle Anderson

    Julie Bell

    Taylor Bell

    Becky Brady

    Rob Britt

    Peyton Camera

    Jennifer Campbell

    Susan Cook

    Rebekah Damron

    Lyn Eagen

    Deca Ellis

    Brooke Everett

    Missy Fannon

    Elissa Hawkins

    Cathy Justice

    Nancy Kemp

  • Caleb Lim

    Jeff McCall

    Colton McConnell

    Shawna McConnell

    Thomas McCroskey

    Tonja Morgan

    Stacey Rodriguez

    Wes Rodriguez

    Mark Russell

    Christi Sayles

    Becky Statum

    Paige Troutman

    Holly Vance

    Lisa Yount


Taylore Sanzo


"I've been a native to Blount County since my early childhood and now reside in Alcoa with my husband and three children. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the University of Tennessee in 2012. I joined the SSP board in 2019 in which I served on the Development Committee.

Having the opportunity to raise awareness around the Safe Haven Law across the entire state of TN has been such a privilege the last few years, and I’m excited to deepen my involvement in this effort by serving as the Executive Director for SSPTN. This organization does so much meaningful work. While we are very much in the business of ending newborn abandonment, we also work very hard to ensure women across the state know and understand their rights and protections under the Safe Haven Law. The moments of despair that mothers experience do not have to lead to ending the life of a vulnerable innocent newborn, and there are individuals across the state who are ready and willing to assist when needed. Our mission is never finished, and I’m honored to be a part of it."

Sarah Turner


"I joined the SSP board in 2016 after graduating college from the University of Tennessee. I had always heard about the mission of SSP and was able to attend several events. When our co-founder, Shawna McConnell, approached me about joining the Board of Directors, I was eager to do so. The mission of SSP is so important and I am excited to play a role in helping spread the message of SSP.

I served on the Board and Development Committee until September of 2020 when I then became the Executive Director for SSP. I was honored to step into that role and play an even bigger part in working towards our mission of ending newborn abandonment. During my time as Executive Director, I worked very hard, along with our Facility Coordinator, to increase our training and contact with the over 1,000 Safe Haven Facilities across TN. This truly became a passion of mine. So, when my husband and I moved out of the area after having our son, I stepped into the role of Outreach Director which strongly works alongside facilities.

I am so grateful and honored to be able to play apart in this incredible mission and work alongside such wonderful people."

Emily Ramsey


"After moving to Maryville with my husband in 2019, my friend and SSP's Outreach Director, Sarah, introduced me to the mission of the organization and asked if I would be interested in joining. Being new to the area, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to find a place to work that would also allow me to balance my role as a yoga teacher. I always knew the mission was an important one for women and their babies, but after having my son in 2022, it changed my entire perspective on the work our organization is doing. Having experienced the blessing and challenges with pregnancy/postpartum, I'm in awe of these mothers and hold so much respect for them as they make a life-saving choice for their baby. They are so brave, and I'm honored to be even a small part of the organization that supports them."

Halli Paskell


“I am so excited for my new role with A Secret Safe Place for Newborns of Tennessee. As a new mom myself, I look forward to continuing our mission and educating mothers across the state of TN as the Community Engagement Coordinator. I am eager to advance our work with the next generation, while ensuring our organization stays relevant to our target age demographic. I am honored to play a small part in such life saving work.”

Board Committees

Development Committee:

Jennifer Campbell - Development Chair

Establishes a development plan and coordinates fundraising events along with other development efforts to raise necessary funding for project implementation.

Education Committee:

Brooke Everett - Education Chair

Coordinates educational programs and outreach with school systems, colleges and universities, and other social service agencies to ensure our target demographic is educated about Tennessee’s Safe Haven Law.

Finance Committee:

Mark Russell - Finance Chair

Responsible for the financial planning, budgeting, and supervision of expenditures across the organization. The committee also maintains the books of accounts and other financial records to ensure they are kept accurately and adequately.

PR Committee:

Patty Adham & Peyton Camera - PR Co-Chairs

Raises awareness of Tennessee’s Safe Haven Law and our mission as an organization by building community relationships through
promotional events and items, public speaking, and working with the media.

Relevancy Committee:

Colton McConnell & Wes Rodriguez - Co-chairs

Serves to keep us relevant to our target demographic by staying on top of current trends and engagement efforts. The committee consists primarily of individuals within our target demographic to help achieve this effort.

Donor Relations Committee:

Caleb Lim - Chair

Works to seek out new donors in addition to maintaining the relationship between our current donors and our organization. Ensures all donors are recognized and appreciated for their contributions to SSPTN.